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    The following are resources that have been created by OrthoView for informational and educational purposes:

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    The following are cases supplied by orthopaedic surgeons and presentations related to the clinical use of OrthoView:

    Hip Planning Brochure

    Digital Pre-operative Planning for Hip Procedures

    OrthoView Hip Planning BrochureFor an overview of planning and templating hip procedures including primary total hip arthroplasty (THA), femoral resurfacing, hemiarthroplasty, complex primary THA, and hip revision in OrthoView, as well as insights into OrthoView planning wizards such as SmartHip and SmartZoom, view our Complete Planning Solution for Hip Procedures brochure.

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    Hip Planning Videos

    Planning a THA in OrthoView

    Learn how to use OrthoView’s software and wizards to plan a total hip arthroplasty.


    41 Seconds to Digitally Plan a Total Hip

    Learn how to use OrthoView’s SmartHip planning wizard for to plan a total hip arthroplasty in less than 60 seconds.


    Correcting Limb Length Discrepancy with Digital Pre-operative Planning

    Learn how to use OrthoView to correct limb length discrepancy.


    Hip Planning Case Studies

    Hip Revision Required to Correct Excessive Offset by Mr. Grant Shaw, Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Hip Revision Case Study Case StudyThe first case in our ‘Plan to Know…’ with Orthopaedic Digital Templating Case Study Series, Mr. Shaw explains why hip revision was required to correct excessive offset for this patient and how “Pre-operative digital templating would have permitted the identification of a more appropriate offset”.

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    Templating a Complex Modular Stem for a THR on a Dysplastic Hip & Planning a Subtractive Osteotomy by Brett R. Levine, MD, MS

    THR and Subtractive Osteotomy Case StudyIn this second case in our ‘Plan to Know…’ with Orthopaedic Digital Templating Case Study Series, Dr. Levine explains the value of digital planning for this complex total hip arthroplasty and subtractive osteotomy case and why “OrthoView is a lot more flexible than planning with film and acetate”.

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    Careful Assessment of Limb Length Correction for Patient with Secondary Pelvic Obliquity by Krishna Tripuraneni, MD

    Limb Length Correction Case StudyThe third case in our ‘Plan to Know…’ with Orthopaedic Digital Templating Case Study Series, this complex primary total hip arthroplasty case study by Dr. Tripuraneni demonstrates the value of digital templating for assessment of limb length difference and planning the desired correction for a patient with secondary pelvic obliquity.

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    Planning Optimal Hip Biomechanics to Restore Maximum Mobility by Mr. Sabastian Sturridge, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Restoring Optimal Hip Biomechanics with THA Case StudyThis final case in our ‘Plan to Know…’ with Orthopaedic Digital Templating Case Study Series presented by Mr. Sturridge demonstrates the importance of digitally planning a total hip arthroplasty for a patient with an arthrodesed hip and the restoration of optimal biomechanics.

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    Digitally Planning a THA by Brett R. Levine, MD, MS

    Hear Dr. Levine, Adult Hip & Knee Reconstruction Specialist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL, present a primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) case with insights and tips on digital pre-operative planning for THA procedures.


    Hip Planning Presentations

    [Video] Preoperative Planning and Templating in THA

    Video by ICJR Back to Basics: Hip & Knee Arthroplasty • Featuring R. Michael Meneghini, MD

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    [Video] Preoperative Planning – Necessity?

    Video by MicroPort Orthopedics • Featuring Nicolas Noiseux, MD

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    Hip Planning Demo

    Demo OrthoView Digital Pre-operative Planning Software for Hip Arthroplasty Procedures

    Request Hip Arthroplasty Planning DemoGet further acquainted with hip planning in OrthoView with a software demo. Choose from one or all of the following hip arthroplasty specialities to help us better understand your digital templating needs:
         » Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
         » Femoral Resurfacing
         » Hemiarthroplasty
         » Complex Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
         » Revision Hip Arthroplasty

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