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    OrthoView offers educational resources and informational downloads for its customers and those interested in digital pre-operative planning. Select from orthopaedic case studies, orthopaedic surgeon interviews, OrthoView and OrthoView brochures below. For additional case studies, please visit our Case Studies page.

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    Specialty Planning Resources

    OrthoView Digital Templating Brochures

    Digital Planning & Templating for Orthopaedics

    OrthoView Pre-operative Planning BrochureFor an overview of digital pre-operative planning and templating in OrthoView, including key features of OrthoView such as ImageShare and SmartHelp and Four Simple Steps to Creating Your Pre-operative Plan with Digital Images, view our Digital Planning and Templating for Orthopaedics brochure.

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    To access the Digital Planning and Templating for Orthopaedics brochure in other languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, please visit our Online Brochures page.

    OrthoView ImageShare

    OrthoView ImageShare Brochure

    For an overview of OrthoView capabilities such as image transfer and online collaboration, view our ImageShare brochure.

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    OrthoView SmartHelp

    OrthoView SmartHelp  Brochure

    For an overview of OrthoView’s SmartHelp Planning Guide, view our SmartHelp brochure.

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    OrthoView Digital Templating Videos

    Evaluating Multiple Implants in OrthoView

    Learn how to evaluate multiple implants in OrthoView.


    View Your Pre-Surgical Plan in the OR

    Learn how to view your digital pre-operative plan in the operating room.


    OrthoView Digital Template Library List

    Orthopaedic Digital Template Library List

    OrthoView Digital Template Library ListOrthoView maintains an extensive digital template library with over 180,000 individual orthopaedic digital templates from more than 1,700 implant families. For a comprehensive list of digital templates in our Orthopaedic Digital Template Library or to check for your preferred arthroplasty and trauma implants, download our latest Digital Template Library List.

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    Case Study Series, Surgeon Interviews & Editorials

    ‘Plan to Know…’ with Orthopaedic Digital Templating by Mr. Grant Shaw, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Brett R. Levine, MD, MS, Krishna Tripuraneni, MD and Mr. Sebastian Sturridge, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

    OrthoView Plan to Know Case Study SeriesLearn how digital templating did or would have helped these orthopaedic surgeons be better prepared for the following joint reconstruction cases in our case study series, ‘Plan to Know…’ with Orthopaedic Digital Templating:
         » Hip Revision Required to Correct Excessive Offset
         » Templating a Complex Modular Stem for a THA on a Dysplastic Hip & Planning a Subtractive Osteotomy
         » Careful Assessment of Limb Length Correction for Patient with Secondary Pelvic Obliquity
         » Time Saved in the OR by Identifying the Right Components for Knee Revision in Advance
         » Planning Optimal Hip Biomechanics to Restore Maximum Mobility

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    Has Digital Templating Become Standard of Care in Orthopaedics? with Stephen F. Harwin, MD, FACS, Samir Mehta, MD, Brett R. Levine, MD, MS, James Bicos, MD and Stuart Gordon, MD

    OrthoView Standard of Care InterviewWe asked these five orthopaedic surgeons the following three questions:
         1. Is templating standard of care?
         2. Is a surgeon who does not plan, because they do not have a digital templating solution, at risk of a malpractice
         3. Whose responsibility is it to ensure surgeons have access to a digital planning solution?

    Learn their answers in our Has Digital Templating Become Standard of Care? interview.

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    Why We Recommend the Use of a Calibration Object for Scaling Digital Images for Templating

    Digital Templating Calibration Object EditorialWe get the question: “Can you use OrthoView without a calibration object?”

    Simply put, “Yes, you can.”

    But, it’s important to understand the benefits and trade-offs for digital pre-operative planning of having – or not having – a calibration object present on the digital image.

    Read this editorial to learn the pros and cons of calibration objects for digital templating.

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    Digital Templating & Pre-operative Planning Demo

    Explore OrthoView Digital Pre-operative Planning Software

    Request An OrthoView Trial or DemoGet further acquainted with OrthoView pre-operative planning with a free software trial or demo. Choose from one or all of the following areas of interest to help us better understand your digital templating needs:
         » Hip, Knee, Shoulder and / or Small Joint Arthroplasty
         » Trauma
         » Limb Deformity
         » Pediatrics
         » Spine
         » General Orthopaedics

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