OrthoView Clinical Applications Training

    A dedicated clinical applications training plan is an essential part of a successful OrthoView deployment. OrthoView training enables each orthopaedic surgeon to establish OrthoView within his or her workflow, incorporate clinical and surgical teams as needed or desired and fully benefit from the range of features and tools within the OrthoView software.

    OrthoView is quick to learn, easy to use, and includes SmartHelp, a comprehensive, context-sensitive menu to guide the user through each stage of the planning process – a helpful resource following initial training.

    OrthoView SmartHelp

    Clinical Applications Training Options

    OrthoView customers benefit from access to a range of training options designed to meet the specific needs of orthopaedic surgeons, radiology staff and PACS personnel. The training plan may include on-site, as well as Internet based, training from one of our clinical applications trainers.

    The following OrthoView clinical applications training options are available to OrthoView customers:

    • On-site training individually or in small groups to become confident users in just two (2) hours
    • WebEx sessions for both ground-up learning of OrthoView planning software and specific procedure and planning module updates
    • Video tutorials available on MyOrthoView.com or DVD provide review of specific areas of interest

    If you are a new or existing OrthoView customer and would like to arrange training for your staff, please contact us to tailor a learning package that best suits your needs.

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    OrthoView Support Materials

    OrthoView also provides a useful range of support materials, including the following:

    • User Guides – Understand workflow options and possibilities
    • Training Guides – Learn features and functions of specific versions of OrthoView
    • Quick Reference Guides – Follow orthopaedic workflows and OrthoView functions with these pocket-sized, printed, folding cards
    • Training Toolkit DVD – Gain video tutorials of all procedure / planning modules, training guides and guides to digital template access, plus training on image scaling and the use of calibration markers

    If you are an OrthoView customer and need access to OrthoView support materials or to learn more about OrthoView customer training, please contact us.

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