[Video] Why I Template with OrthoView – Brett R. Levine, MD, MS, Adult Reconstruction Professor at Rush University, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    I’ve been using OrthoView for over seven years. We’ve templated about 2,500 cases or more. I’m using OrthoView as part of our workflow. It’s basically a part of my every week. I template around 10-12 cases every week; I go through OrthoView, I put our images in through the PACS, I template in OrthoView and then place it back into the PACS so we have it for us in the operating room.
    The latest version of OrthoView is the best yet. It’s got some really nice features on it. There’s a discard button, which is great because you can wipe the slate clean on your x-rays and you can start all over without having to discard your whole plan and pull your image back in. SmartHelp is excellent as well. It tracks along with you so wherever you are in the templating process, it’s following you with the help. Click on the button, the pane opens and then you can see where you are as far as the help goes and it guides you right through getting your templating done. There’s a small view screen that you can use and a magnifying glass you can use, which are new features. It makes templating even easier.
    It’s our templating system that we’ve chosen to use, and we plan to use it for the future.