[Video] Why I Template with OrthoView – Ron James, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mercy Medical Group, Sacramento, California, USA

    I’ve been using OrthoView for several years. In fact, I felt so strongly about having OrthoView in my hospital that I went on a campaign for over two years in order to obtain OrthoView.
    When we switched over from regular acetate radiographs and went digital, we lost that ability to understand or to immediately appreciate dimensionality. We can make an x-ray of a child look like a giant, or we can make an x-ray of a 6’7” man look like a small person.
    That loss – that little tactile feel we as orthopaedic surgeons used to rely on has been lost to us, and we needed some way of getting that back. We don’t have the same problems that a radiologist has to just look for relationships. We actually need to have the dimensional and relational data, and that’s what OrthoView allows us to do.
    Now when I go into the operating room, I feel much more confident when I’ve done an OrthoView templated surgery than I would if I just used basic anatomic landmarks, which is also fine, but I feel much more comfortable using both.