OrthoView for Solo Orthopaedists


    If you do not require PACS connectivity and the solution is for your own individual use or if you wish to plan on an Apple / Mac, OrthoView offers OrthoView PSL to orthopaedic surgeons in solo practice in the United States.

    Why Choose OrthoView PSL?

    OrthoView PSL (Private Subscription License) is the quickest way to access OrthoView. It allows surgeons to create detailed pre-operative plans just as with other versions of OrthoView software and is downloaded easily from the Cloud. OrthoView PSL is available with affordable, monthly, subscription payments.

    OrthoView PSL subscribers have access to OrthoView’s complete Digital Template Library, including over 180,000 individual orthopaedic templates and more than 1,700 template families from over 75 orthopaedic manufacturers, as well as specialized planning tools and modules and SmartTemplates for joint arthroplasty, trauma, pediatric deformity and spine.

    Ready to start creating detailed pre-operative plans with digital x-ray images and OrthoView PSL? All you need is a Windows laptop, PC or Apple / Mac with a broadband Internet connection. Register for OrthoView PSL to get started.

    Please note: OrthoView PSL is designed for individual orthopaedists in private practice and is currently only available in the United States. If you are not located in the U.S. and you require an individual solution from OrthoView, we can offer a range of alternatives. Please contact our International Office by clicking the button below and submitting an online enquiry or emailing sales@orthoview.com for more information..

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    Questions about OrthoView PSL? Ask Us

    Our U.S. team is available to answer your questions about OrthoView PSL, discuss your digital pre-operative planning needs and set you up with a free software trial or online OrthoView demo. Click the button to submit your online enquiry.

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