Digital Spinal Deformity Assessment

    Spine Assessment in OrthoView

    Complete Spinal Deformity Assessment Solution

    OrthoView’s spinal deformity assessment module provides a wide range of tools to assess the spine in both sagittal and corornal planes in cases of scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and spondylolisthesis.

    Spinal assessments in OrthoView are based on the requirements of both HARMS and the Spinal Deformity Study Group.

    OrthoView Wizards – Coronal Spine / AP Spine

    • Proximal Thoracic Curve
    • Main Thoracic Curve
    • Lumbar Curve
    • Coronal Balance
    • Apical Translation
    • Thoracic Trunk Shift
    • Nash Moe Grading Guide
    • Risser Grading Guide

    OrthoView Wizards – Sagittal Spine / Lateral Spine

    • Cobb Angle T2-T12
    • Cobb Angle T5-T12
    • Cob Angle T10-L2
    • Cobb Angle T12-S1
    • Sagittal Balance
    • Pelvic Incidence
    • Sacral Slope
    • Pelvic Tilt

    Spinal AssessmentAdditional Spine Assessment Tools

    • Generic Cobb Angle
    • Multiple Cobb Angle
    • Total Length (of Spine)
    • Centroid of Vertebra
    • Distance Between Two Plumb Lines
    • ‘Hook’ Graphic to Indicate Instrument Hook Positions

    Spinal Assessment Video

    Spinal Assessment in OrthoView

    Watch this video to see how spinal assessment in OrthoView is performed.

    Spinal Deformity Assessment Demo

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