Digital Pre-operative Planning for Limb Deformity Assessment & Correction

    Limb Deformity Correction Planning

    OrthoView digital pre-operative planning software includes an integrated suite of tools that enable limb deformity assessment and corrective surgery planning. While OrthoView’s limb deformity module is specifically designed for surgeons following the CORA method, this module is of value to all surgeons working in the area of deformity correction.

    Limb Deformity Module Capabilities

    OrthoView’s limb deformity module has three major capabilities, including:

    1. Limb Deformity Correction PlanningAssessing the Patient’s Anatomy Pre-operatively
      • Measure mechanical axis deviation
      • Assess hip, knee and ankle joint orientation in the frontal plane
      • Assess hip, knee and ankle joint orientation in the sagittal plane
    2. Planning Osteotomy Cuts
      • Draw a wide range of axes based on mid-diaphyseal and joint lines
      • Establish CORA
      • Add cuts at CORA or manually
      • Plan in frontal, sagittal or oblique planes
      • Provide apical direction and translation graphs
      • Demonstrate bone segment animation to visualize post-operative outcome
    3. Customizing the Taylor Spatial Frame
      • Measure the position of the frame with respect to the patient’s anatomy

    Additional Information on Limb Deformity Assessment & Correction Planning

    If you are interested in limb deformity assessment and correction planning in OrthoView, please request a software demo.

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