Digital Pre-operative Planning for Hip Arthroplasty

    Hip Arthroplasty Planning

    Complete Planning Solution for Hip Procedures

    OrthoView software provides tools and wizards to plan the following hip arthroplasty procedures:

    For each of these procedures, OrthoView software makes planning simple. Identify the prosthesis size, offset, neck cut and cup inclination with just a few clicks of the mouse. Compare and contrast alternative solutions within the same plan. Achieve precise template positioning with SmartZoom. Save the plan back to PACS, transfer the plan to another OrthoView user via ImageShare or print the report. And plan a simple THA in 60 seconds or less with SmartHip Planning Wizard.

    Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty – Digital Planning in OrthoView Overview

    Primary Hip Arthroplasty PlanningOrthoView’s patented wizards facilitate pre-operative assessment of leg length difference and offset and the prediction of the surgical outcome. Planning with OrthoView is made quicker and easier with our SmartHip wizard in conjunction with OrthoView’s Smart Templates.

    Femoral Resurfacing – Digital Planning in OrthoView Overview

    Hip Femoral ResurfacingOrthoView software offers a special wizard for resurfacing planning that allows assessment of head size and neck angle and guides the surgeon to the correct drill approach position.

    Hemiarthroplasty – Digital Planning in OrthoView Overview

    Hemiarthroplasty PlanningSurgeons using OrthoView software to plan hemiarthroplasty procedures pre-operatively have access to stems with anatomical heads, stems with bipolar cups and monoblock stems.

    Complex Primary & Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty – Digital Planning in OrthoView Overview

    Revision Hip Arthroplasty PlanningPlanning with OrthoView is particularly valuable in complex hip arthroplasty cases. Modular revision stems can be modeled on screen in OrthoView as a connected whole. Entire assemblies are provided in template form displaying the main components, including stem options, collars and neck assemblies. A built-in database associated with each template ensures only compatible components can be combined on screen.

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    Request Hip Arthroplasty Planning DemoChoose from one or all of the following hip arthroplasty specialities to help us better understand your digital templating needs:

    • Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
    • Femoral Resurfacing
    • Hemiarthroplasty
    • Complex Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
    • Revision Hip Arthroplasty

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