Digital Pre-operative Planning for Orthopaedic Trauma & Fracture Management

    Fracture Management in OrthoView

    Complete Trauma Planning Solution

    OrthoView’s innovative fracture management module has been developed in conjunction with leading trauma surgeons to enable rapid, on-screen planning and templating for orthopaedic trauma cases. With OrthoView’s trauma planning software, fractures can be reduced and templated in a few quick, simple steps.

    To learn more about digital fracture management planning in OrthoView, explore the following topics or request a fracture management demo:

    On-Screen Fracture Reduction

    Fracture ManagementOrthoView uses a simple click, cut and drag technique. Each fracture fragment has a fully adjustable outline, and a shadow is left on the original image when the fragment is manipulated or moved away.

    Smart Templates for Trauma

    With OrthoView’s Smart Templates, quickly and easily step between implant size options by simply dragging the end of the template, whether it be a plate, intramedullary nail or screw, to fit the anatomy.

    Fracture ManagementEach template is automatically populated with the correct screw options. Colors indicate the different types of screws available, such as locking and cancellous. The screw templates follow the behavior of screws in the operating room, so locking screws have a fixed orientation whereas non-locking screws can be positioned through a range of angles. Plates can even be bent on screen for the best visualization of potential screw interference in complex fracture management cases.

    Comprehensive Trauma Reports and Notes

    Fracture ManagementSelected fracture management templates and screw options are recorded automatically in a report. Optional use of the notes feature allows recording of other aspects of the pre-operative plan. The report, notes and templated images can be stored locally, sent back to PACS or transferred via ImageShare.

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    • Retrograde intramedullary (IM) nails
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    • Locking plates
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