Pre-operative Planning Tools & Wizards

    OrthoView offers a large variety of planning tools and wizards to make digital pre-operative planning simpler and easier. Each comes standard with the latest version of OrthoView. Explore a select few planning tools and wizards below, or request an OrthoView software demo to take a closer look at OrthoView’s extensive planning capabilities.

    Specialty Planning Tools & Wizards

    General Planning Tools & Wizards

    SmartHip Hip Arthroplasty Planning Wizard

    OrthoView SmartHip Hip Arthroplasty Planning WizardSmartHip enables orthopaedic surgeons to plan a total hip arthroplasty in 60 seconds or less. The software predicts the implant size, offers one-click reduction, and enables the surgeon to visualize the leg length discrepancy.

    To learn more about SmartHip, read our Complete Planning Solution for Hip Procedures brochure.

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    SmartKnee Knee Arthroplasty Planning Wizard

    OrthoView SmartKnee Knee Arthroplasty Planning WizardSmartKnee is a new set of dedicated planning tools for knee arthroplasty procedures, including complex primary and unicompartmental knee arthroplasties. SmartKnee works from long leg images and offers automated anatomy detection, template placement and reduction.

    To learn more about SmartKnee, view our Complete Planning Solution for Knee Procedures brochure.

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    High Tibial Osteotomy Planning Wizard

    OrthoView High Tibial Osteotomy Planning WizardOrthoView offers a High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) tool to enable surgeons to plan HTO procedures in a few simple steps, including automated identification of the mechanical access of deviation, the Fujisawa point and the osteotomy angle and width.

    To learn more about the High Tibial Osteotomy Planning Wizard, view our Complete Planning Solution for Knee Procedures brochure.

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    SmartHelp Planning Guide

    OrthoView SmartHelp Planning WizardSmartHelp provides instant, step-by-step, contextual hints and tips for the user. It guides the user through the planning process for each procedure and explains the dedicated tools and wizards in their context. When activated, SmartHelp appears as a window that can be opened, closed and moved around the screen as required.

    To learn more about SmartHelp, view our SmartHelp brochure.

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    QuickScale Image Calibration Wizard

    OrthoView QuickScale Image Calibration WizardQuickScale, OrthoView’s one-click scaling tool, automatically detects the edges of a calibration object to scale the image to size quickly and easily. QuickScale can be used with a spherical or disc shaped calibration object. If no radiographic marker is available, an estimated oversize can be entered.

    To learn about image scaling in OrthoView, visit our Image Scaling page.





    SmartZoom Image Magnification and Minimization

    OrthoView QuickScale Image Calibration WizardSmartZoom makes assessment of anatomy and positioning of measuring tools, wizards and templates easier and quicker. It incorporates two elements, the unique Blue Lens magnifier and Mini View.

    The Blue Lens magnifier (shown in the image to the left) provides an instant precision close up of the area of interest, which can be adjusted for magnification and moved around the screen as required. Mini View (shown in the image to the right) provides an overview of the full image for reference.




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