Orthopaedic Digital Templates

    OrthoView’s digital prosthesis templates are as central to its pre-operative planning solutions as they are essential to its customers. OrthoView partners with more than 75 orthopaedic medical device companies to ensure its vast digital template library is up-to-date and its templates are representative of their actual implants. Select from the following links to learn more about OrthoView’s orthopaedic digital templates or request a software demo to experience OrthoView digital templates in use:

    OrthoView Smart Templates

    OrthoView Revision Knee Smart TemplateOrthoView Smart Templates are much more than just digital drawings. They have built-in intelligence that makes templating easier.

    OrthoView partners with orthopaedic medical device manufacturers to understand the features, functionality, sizing, and compatibility of those prostheses in our Digital Template Library. This enables us to build dynamic templates that behave according to manufacturer specifications.

    For example, OrthoView’s complex modular revision stem template allows all the components to be automatically and correctly connected together on screen. Templates are checked for cross-compatibility, making it impossible to template combinations of components that are not permitted with the physical implants.

    OrthoView Smart Templates interact with OrthoView’s planning wizards in unique and patented ways. Patient anatomy information detected by the wizards is used to automatically size and place templates on the pre-operative radiograph.

    Smart templates are contained in our Digital Template Library, which contains more than 180,000 templates and 1,700 digital template families from over 75 orthopaedic company partners. To learn more about our Digital Template Library and to view a current digital template list, visit our Digital Template Library page.

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    Evaluating Multiple Implants in OrthoView [Video]

    OrthoView enables users to evaluate multiple implants when creating the desired pre-operative plan. Watch this video to learn how to evaluate multiple implants.


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